Opening hours

Opening hours today15-20
April 30 - June 5
Tue - Fri15-20

On Ascension Day 26th of May our forest doors are open through 11−19.

Tickets for the high ropes courses are on sale daily until two hours before closing time. Last adventure golfers of the day start playing 30 minutes before closing time.

Contact address: info(at)

How was it to be at the top?

"Enjoy high places and exercise! Very nice place to climb at the trees. Plenty of alternative routes, some for fearless (of heigths) and some for younger people."

"Had a company kick off day in August heat, was great relief to climb in tree shadows on different level tracks. 100's of meters long slide crowned the experience."

"If you're not interested in spending a day walking around in a nature park enjoying the Finnish national natural reserve (i.e. forests), you can get a little more physical and adventorous at Huippu."