The Treetop Adventure Huippu online shop supplies memorable experience gifts for your family and friends. We provide uplifting experiences for the whole family. Lift your loved ones to the top!

High life in Treetop Adventure Huippu − in the net tunnel.

Buy gift cards online or at GLO Hotel Sello

Gift cards and season tickets for the treetop adventure and adventure golf are available in the Treetop Adventure Huippu online store (The online store is currently in Finnish only. Sorry about that! We intend to add an English translation in the future.) But they can also be bought at GLO Hotel Sello in Leppävaara. From May to October gift cards are also available at our ticket office in Leppävaara Sports Park. Season tickets are available only in the Huippu online store or ticket office.

Buying at GLO Hotel Sello or at our ticket office is the fastest option but the online shop perhaps the most convenient. If you wish we will send your gifts directly to the presentee’s address. We process orders about once a week, so please be prepared to a delivery time of 2-10 days. In December the delivery time is 2−4 days.

Treetop Adventure at Huippu is a fun experience for children and adults alike.

Tackling the challenges in the treetops is mindfulness at its best. Besides the exhilarating Huippu experience strengthens especially the upper back and core muscles − while having fun. At Huippu even a long workout is not a chore!

Adventure experience gifts for the whole family

Here is a great way to give a friend or family member a memorable sporting experience in the treetops. Separate tickets are available for adventurers over or under 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm) tall.

The minimum required height at Treetop Adventure Huippu is 3 feet 3 inches (100 cm). Please remember that highropes course activities are really not suitable for pregnant women.

Buy an Adventure Experience gift card for an adult or a child over 140 cm (4 feet 7 inches) tall

Treetop Adventure Huippu Gift Ticket for Adults is dark green.

Buy an Adventure Experience gift card for a child 3 feet 11 inches - 4 feet 7 inches (120 - 140 cm) tall

Treetop Adventure Huippu Children’s Gift card for those between 120-140 cm tall  is bright green.

Buy an Adventure Experience gift card for a child 3 feet 3 inches - 3 feet 11 inches (100 - 120 cm) tall

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Gift Card for Treetop Adventure Huippu has a map on the reverse side.

The safety equipment and the continuous belay system at Treetop Adventure Huippu is easy to use and designed paying attention especially to the youngest adventurers.

The boys have boldly reached the upper platform at Treetop Adventure Huippu.

Adventurer’s summer season ticket

A summer of adventures - season ticket is a gift that guarantees an active life in the warmer months. Season ticket holders may visit Treetop Adventure Huippu every opening day between May and the end of October. Available for a limited time only!

Separate tickets are available for adventurers:

Season tickets are not transferable and their holders should be prepared to provide proof of identity on entering the park. Season tickets are only sold to private individuals.

Season tickets are only available at the Treetop Adventure Huippu online shop or at our ticket office during the summer season.

Summer of Adventures -season ticket to Treetop Adventure Huippu − a summer full of fun in the treetops!

With the white Summer season Adventure ticket you may climb to the treetops every day.

Do you need help?

 If you have any questions about gift cards or season tickets please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to help! Please contact: viestinta(at)

The Treetop Adventure Huippu experience involves exciting crossings.

High life in Huippu! The Treetop Adventure Huippu experience involves exciting crossings in the treetops in up to 18 meters height.

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