Solve the game's puzzles in 60 minutes, working together as a group. Enjoy the joy of insights and working together in the fresh air and sunshine!

The games can be played casually among family members or with friends or work groups, but also as a competition between groups. Progressing in the game requires above all wit and logical reasoning, but at the center of everything is cooperation.


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Blackbeard's Treasure

Escape room outdoors

Mikael Wirtanen returned to his homeland, Finland, in the 17th century with six mysterious chests, which were then lost for centuries. The chests were recently found in Leppävaara. A tall stranger with an eyepatch and a stilt is coming to claim the chests for himself. Can you open them before then?



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Operaation Mindfall

Augmented reality escape game

You are agents of W.I.S.E., an international intelligence organization. A secret organization Spider Technologies has developed a virus that has already infected a fifth of the world's population. Your mission is to find an antidote. You have one and half hours - can you save the world?



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Magic Portal

Augmented reality escape game


At the beginning of time, a magic gate to a parallel magic world was created. The gate has been closed for ages. Now the gatekeeper has fallen into a magical sleep, the gate has been opened and malevolent magical entities are flowing into our world. Solve the quests, collect magic crystals, close the magic gate and save the world.



An outdoor escape room contains various tasks for the team to solve. Some of the tasks require deduction, some dexterity and some precise observation. Thanks to the insights, a box may be opened or a new clue may be found.

In an augmented reality escape game, the group gets a tablet and a briefcase from the Huipu kiosk. The tablet guides the group to destinations in the Leppävaara sports park and reveals information that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Players encounter tasks and challenges along the way, the solution of which can often be found somewhere between augmented and physical reality.

The recommended age limit for games is 12 years. The games do not contain content unsuitable for children, but the tasks are too difficult for children under the age of 12.

Blackbeard's treasure can be played in Finnish and English.

Augmented reality escape games are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The recommended group size for the games is 3-6 players.

An escape game is also suitable as a team or recreation day activity. Ask more:  varaukset (at)

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